In a region where ethnic nationalism is never far from the surface, a stunt at a soccer match between Albania and Serbia has escalated into a full-scale diplomatic incident, provoking suspected cyberattacks, violence and the lobbing of verbal insults with a fervor usually reserved for the field.

What was expected to be a beautiful game overcoming historic enmities turned ugly Tuesday evening when a small drone trailing a nationalist Albanian flag helped set off a melee at a qualifying match in Belgrade, Serbia, for the 2016 European Championship.

Video of the event showed some Serbian spectators — Albanian fans were barred from the stadium — shouting “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Others ran onto the field, attacking Albanian players, sometimes with chairs, and forcing theAlbanian team to escape through a tunnel at the end of the field. The game was abandoned while the score was still 0-0.

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When President Obama flies to New York on Monday afternoon for the United Nations General Assembly, he will dispense with the usual battery of one-on-one meetings with world leaders so he can tape an appearance on “The View.”

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EXCLUSIVE: In one of its first buys of the season,NBC has gone global with a geopolitical project set at the United Nations. Described as “West Wing in the United Nations,” the drama, which has received a script commitment, follows an interpreter at the international organization’s New York HQ working with ambassadors and politicians from various countries as they deal with political and military crisis around the world.

hahahaha! this could be amazing. more likely though, it will be cancelled after three episodes, especially considering some of these comment gems on the article like this one… ‘This is propaganda. It’s to create a favorable image of the UN, so that Americans will easily and stupidly accept the UN/New World Order take over.’


Rest in peace… veteran Lebanese journalist and diplomat Ghassan Tueni passed away today. He was often referred to as the “dean of Lebanese journalism.”

After graduating from the American University in Beirut and then Harvard, he took over the Lebanese daily newspaper An-Nahar from his father, its founder, and served as the paper’s editor-in-chief and publisher for decades. He also served as Lebanon’s ambassador to the UN during the height of the Lebanese civil war, once famously standing before the Security Council and demanding “Let my people live!”

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“Emil Krebs, an early-20th-century German diplomat who was also credited with knowing dozens of languages, was boorish in all of them. He once refused to speak to his wife for several months because she told him to put on a winter coat.”
Hyperpolyglots (those who speak very many languages) can be tricky characters. Some seem near-autistic. What drives people to learn 20, 30 or 40 languages, and what kind of extreme intelligence is required? (via theeconomist)

(via theeconomist)

the CIA team in Lebanon consisted of 10 officers and all used diplomatic cover. 

ah yes, diplomatic cover for intelligence activities. still widely used by many different countries all over the world, including at the un. 

South Korea’s President Lee Myung-Bak speaks while wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap following a tour of the General Motors Orion Assembly plant October 14, 2011 in Lake Orion, Michigan.

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