UpNorthTrips Presents The 10s | Everything Is Purple: Celebrating The “Purple Tape”

words by @evboogie / mix by @UNITEDCRATES

It’s one of the most revered pieces in hip-hop history — both literally and figuratively. When listing off items that deserve to be enshrined in the ultimate hip-hop museum, Flavor Flav’s clock, Jam Master Jay’s fat gold rope chains, and a copy of Raekwon‘s Purple Tape are amongst the essential artifacts.

The Purple Tape is, of course, that legendary colored cassette which circulated in 1995 and is an integral element of The Chef’s legacy. It’s also the more popular term within hip-hop circles for Rae’s classic debut album, officially known as Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…. Even with the demise of the cassette format, it’s still one of the most sought after tapes by rap memorabilists. (A copy of the OG cassette is now up on ebay for $260.00)

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today is the purple tape’s 17th birthday. in related news, i feel old.